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Back in Santiago…briefly

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After a few day stopover in Buenos Aires I arrived in Santiago. Since March I have been couch surfing. I am on bootrapping mode. Funding and therefore run rate is uncertain. It’s an ongoing roller coaster ride from cheque to cheque. Diego and I have been paying ourselves stipends in order to ensure we can grow the team.

Now I am back in Santiago and I actually rented a room! It feels incredible to be able to unpack…to have a desk where I can continue working when I get back from work. An actual kitchen and a gym nearby so I can have a routine. It feels like luxury. It was a bargain deal too. 130 lukas (260 dollars) for my own room for 3 weeks! It won’t last long though as in a week I fly to London followed by Budapest and Vienna and maybe Vilnius to do a product roadshow and family visit. It’s been a year since I saw my family.

Interestingly, this apartment is where I originally couch surfed 10 months ago when I quit my job, left London and landed without a business idea or knowledge of Spanish in Santiago. Sounds kinda crazy now, but it all made sense to me in the moment. Being back here is really interesting  as it makes me reflect on all the things that have happened in the past 10 months. Rather overwhelming and awesome.

It really makes a difference to be working with the guys in the same room. At Fundacity we have daily meetings to discuss what we did, what we will do and what problems we are facing and also have weekly planning and weekly retrospective meetings. Plus we speak on Skype throughout the day. This means we are non stop in touch but still Skype and in person is not the same. Being back is great. Working with Diego and Nicolas is energizing. We now have an actual office…a co-work called Conectas. Good to be back. Almost feels like home.

Living room today July 2013
Living room today July 2013
Living room when I arrived September 2012
Living room when I arrived September 2012

Author: Miklos Grof

Miklos is the CEO and co-founder of Fundacity. Fundacity is making startups investing easier. Fundacity already supports all the notable accelerators in LatAm in their startup selection and management and they are expanding rapidly across Asia-Pacific and Europe. With the recently launched Fundacity Investments Clubs it seeks to simplify the startup investing process in emerging markets and make it accessible to more people. Miklos has unique and extensive experience in start-up formation, business development and venture financing. He has raised and evaluated investment offers in venture capital from angels and VCs from three continents for a variety of deals. He thrives at launching businesses and making sales in new geographies. Miklos currently serves as a financial advisor and mentor for various start-ups including Taggify (an online contextual advertising company based in New York and Buenos Aires). At Taggify, Miklos advises on fundraising, financial reporting to the board of investors, tax filling and cash flow management. Miklos completed his MsC in Finance at the London School of Economics and previously worked in corporate finance at PricewaterhouseCoopers in London, fund sales at UniCredit Vienna and economic research at Erste Bank Budapest. He is a Chartered Accountant with the ICAEW, Institute of Chartered Accountant England and Whales and is quinti-lingual. He is passionate about startups and entrepreneurship and spends his free time engaging with the startup community.

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