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The ghost of xmas past

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My dad having  recently visited Gabi and I in Brazil left a gift. A can of Fois Gras to be specific. libamaj A delicacy I love. It brought back some fond memories of times before becoming a bootrapping entrepreneur that more commonly reaches for a can of tuna.

It reminds me of suit wearing days where the weeks preoccupation was surviving work and looking what new highly rated restaurant or wine bar London had on offer. I would spend lots of time searching on TimeOut London after lunch using a privacy screen so nosey colleagues and bosses wouldn’t know. I do love food and wine and it is strange I forgot about that. Now weekends seem to sneak up on me and without exception it upsets me that the week is over. It actually annoys me that my nice weeks work routine is disrupted and I have to plan the weekend. Priorities simply changed but this great Fois Gras from Hungary and glass of Chilean wine is transcending me in blissful reflectiveness whilst I look out the windows of Gabi’s 22nd floor flat at the city and bay of Porto Alegre.

Thanks dad!


Author: Miklos Grof

Miklos is the CEO and co-founder of Fundacity. Fundacity is making startups investing easier. Fundacity already supports all the notable accelerators in LatAm in their startup selection and management and they are expanding rapidly across Asia-Pacific and Europe. With the recently launched Fundacity Investments Clubs it seeks to simplify the startup investing process in emerging markets and make it accessible to more people. Miklos has unique and extensive experience in start-up formation, business development and venture financing. He has raised and evaluated investment offers in venture capital from angels and VCs from three continents for a variety of deals. He thrives at launching businesses and making sales in new geographies. Miklos currently serves as a financial advisor and mentor for various start-ups including Taggify (an online contextual advertising company based in New York and Buenos Aires). At Taggify, Miklos advises on fundraising, financial reporting to the board of investors, tax filling and cash flow management. Miklos completed his MsC in Finance at the London School of Economics and previously worked in corporate finance at PricewaterhouseCoopers in London, fund sales at UniCredit Vienna and economic research at Erste Bank Budapest. He is a Chartered Accountant with the ICAEW, Institute of Chartered Accountant England and Whales and is quinti-lingual. He is passionate about startups and entrepreneurship and spends his free time engaging with the startup community.

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