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6 months later – How is Fundacity doing?

So what exactly have we been doing these months and how are we?

With Fundacity we are focused on making the fundraising process easier for startups and investors. We realized that there is a lot of pain in the proces when my co-founder, Diego and I started building a social network for startups and investors called Since then we applied our thinking and innovation to make startup investing easier. We are now few weeks away from unveiling the Fundacity Deal Flow Tool that helps angel investors, incubators, accelerators and VCs source, screen, do due diligence and close deals. Also, we are  thinking of innovative ways to improve the fundraising experience for startups.

The platform is a web based SAAS platform using Kanban principles and state of the art UX/UI to make the process easier for both sides of the table. We are involving our clients and listening to their pains from the very first line of code. We want to become experts in the process our clients do so we can understand and help solve their problems.

DiegoI started Fundacity with Diego, my co-founder, in late 2012. Diego and I have a perfectly synergetic business relationship. Our skills sets are completely complimentary as we have have our fortes where the other does not. Diego is a full stack developer with 13+ years experience who additionally is a very gifted designer. I on the other hand have global experience in finance and accounting and acted as a financial consultant for 2 startups of VC firm Aurus. Between us we speak 4 languages fluently, believe in transparency and honesty and are complete workaholics :). A good fit that makes even our girlfriends jealous. 😀


With Fundacity we won Geek Camp Chile and consequently got incubated by IncubaUC and received CORFO funding (USD120k). IncubaUC took us for a 1 month product testing and idea validation mentorship program to Silicon Valley. We pitched the valley’s best angel groups and incubators and some very talented serial entrepreneurs. The 1 month trip catapulted our development in an incredible manner.

Our team has now grown to 4 fulltime members and several volunteers that love our product and energy. NicolasNicolas joined us fulltime in May adding further exceptional technical skills to the team and many new ways to approach challenges. He is software engineer with expertise in cloud computing and a complete champion of task management such as Kanban and Scrum. He previously worked for LAN and the ministry of education. He is an expert Asado guy so I look forward to regular barbecues :). In some weeks Guim is arriving from Barcelona where he completed a business degree in prestigious ESADE business school. With his previous experience in sales and biz dev I think we will hit the ground running in August when we will be market launching. The team rocks and I am very excited to test what boundaries we can push.

We are weeks away from having our version 1 commercially viable product for which we have signed letter of interest from some of the best startups incubators and VCs in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and USA.

We received great support from our mentors which includes 500 Startups mentor Sam Zebarjadi, venture capitalist Humberto Matsuda partner of Performa Investimentos (Brazil), venture capitalist Hiroshi Wald managing partner of Austral Capital and angel investor and incubator partner Arturo Torres from NXTPlabs, (Argentina). Marcelo Diaz head of IncubaUC has been pivotal in nurturing our business development over the last 6 months. Our angel investor Donatas Dailide not only supports us financially but is helping us win clients in the baltics and the UK.

The next few months will be very exciting for Fundacity. We hope to disrupt the startup investing process in a very profound and meaningful way.


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Fundacity pivoted

Diego and I hit the ground running in San Fran this week.

Awesome Mentorships
This week felt like 3 weeks in boot camp. Thanks to the following great mentors we made some flying leaps:

-Marcelo Diaz (our awesome incubator, MD of IncubaUC)
-Hiroshi Wald (MD of Austral Capital)
-Humberto Matsuda (Managing partner @ Performa Investimentos)
-Christian Barbosa (serial entrepreneur and best selling author)-Mike Sigal (founder Agile Credit, mentor @ 500 Startups)
-Professor John Danner ( Senior Fellow, The Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, at Haas Business School, UC Berkeley)
-Christopher Ireland (Co-founder of Mix & Stir Studios)
-Sam Zebarjadi (mentor @ Iron Yard and Four Athens)

Thank you guys you rock!

Through the amazing mentorship we identified how to leverage the huge value of Fundacity’s future user base (talented LatAm startup designers and developers). Fundacity is going to address the burning appetite for tech talent in both North and South America. We plan to make this a scalable model by avoiding the need for headhunters and instead using social validation as a tool to find the talent you need. With headhunter fees sky high this is a sexy market to tap into. we LIKE!

However, we are still looking out for other scalable ways to monetize the valuable and transactional user base of

Logo update
Many of you advised that we change the logo colours a bit to make Fund-acity instead of Fun-dacity. So we now present to you our new logo!