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Time to pack and move to the next destination

It’s time to pack again. Frankly, sometimes I need to think hard to remember where exactly I am and where I am coming from. Not that it is a bad thing but its strange for me. I am currently in Buenos Aires and was here for roughly 2 weeks to help Taggify in its transition from one CFO to a new one I helped hire. BsAs is a great city with a large startup community and I love being here. This time I even met dad here which was awesome. Last time we saw each other was in San Francisco in Feb..

Since November I have rarely been in one place for more than 2 weeks. The adventure in my life and a series of succeses have kicked off unexpectedly all at once in November but that is another story. I’ve been on 20+ planes, some long-haul buses, numerous countries and continents and countless beds and sofas over the past few months. In fact, I gave up my flat in Chile in March to help conserve money for Fundacity and have been couch surfing since.

The experience is truly exceptional. On the one hand, it is very exciting and liberating to be hussling and on the move. On the other hand, I do notice that being constantly on the move and in temporary circumstances i.e. not know where I will sleep next month and Fundacity not having sufficient revenue run rate to last more than 3 months at any given time…does have its peculiar effect. I am noticing that I am increasingly disconnected from my surroundings. The coming and going is becoming routine. I arrive and plug into my new surroundings and local friends and then unplug and move on. The only thing constant is my involvement and care for Fundacity. I find it increasingly hard to disengage from that and engage with my surroundings which has become increasingly  just…temporary. I am increasingly absorbed in our drive towards the vision of Fundacity that my team and I are realizing one day at a time.

One thing I ought to remember is to enjoy the roller coaster experience and truly enjoy the present because no matter what happens I am learning a huge amount and experiencing spectacular things…I am definitely out of my comfort zone which is a welcome challenge.

Well, time to leave to Terminal de Omnibus and take a 20 hour bus to Porto Alegre, Brasil. A wonderful girlfriend awaits to be surprised by my  surprise early arrival :). Time to put a smile on her face…she hasnt seen her gringo for almost 2 months. 😀


**** since then I arrived. Surprise was a success :). I also stumbled into an Asado (LatAm word for barbecue)…score!!!