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Parachuting into Mexico

Friday night in my hotel in Mexico City trying to catch up on my emails and reducing the unread count below 300. It’s midnight and 299 hit. Score! The number of emails hitting me has reached 100/day and it is getting incredibly challenging to stay on top of them whilst moving Fundacity forward on the various fronts.

I came to Mexico making use of the fact that I was ‘nearby’ in San Salvador for a Entrepreneurship Conference I was invited to. My dad was coincidently on a mission for the UNIDO in Mexico City and we decided to meet and do a 2-3 day vacation in Tolum, Mexico. It turns out we haven’t seen each other in 10 months! I could have sworn it was only a couple of months. Interestingly, it is my first real vacation since we started Fundacity a year and half ago. It is shocking how time flies when you are completely absorbed in building a company.

My trip to Mexico was completely boostrapped entrepreneur style. With an 800 dollar monthly CEO salary there is no other way. The trip to El Salvador was sponsored by the great guys organizing the conference. I am very grateful to them and I look forward to delivering a impactful presentation to the congress there titled “Jumping off the cliff!”, with which I hope to inspire more young minds to consider building a business. My dad sponsored the flight between San Salvador and Mexico City and the flight to Cancun. I promised my dad a Jaguar when I make my first exit so I guess I better deliver! 🙂

My dad left back to Europe after an awesome few days in Tolum and a day in Mexico with me. I decided to stay an additional week in Mexico City to get to know the local startup ecosystem. My 48 hours till now were very successful with meetings starting from the moment I left my dad at the airport. I met with founders of various VC firms, accelerators and officials from the Imadem, the government arm responsible for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Mexico with grants etc. 

My view is that there is a lot going on in Mexico even after you discount for the frequent over sales some of the local players deliver. If you haven’t checked out Mexico for business or vacation you should definitely give it a closer look.  



Rocking it in Cozumel with dad!