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My Life is like my bus voyage in Porto Alegre, Brasil

Bus Agronomia headed towards central Porto Alegre. I’m rushing to get a colour copy of my passport to open an account for Fundacity with Silicon Valley Bank. A black and white copy of my black and white passport photo page was clearly not colourful enough :). We must have this account to receive previously committed investment and collect sales receipts.

I’ve been in Porto Alegre since my last blog. Literally not a sole, not even my gf, speaks a word of English and most not even Spanish. Gf thankfully speaks Spanish. My four European languages are completely useless in Brasil. As the rest South America says, Brasil is indeed a continent and world of its own.  My attempts of interaction here are rather comical.

Being a gringo on a bus not speaking the local language is a bit like with a startup, one must try to use whatever limited resources and skills one has in the moment to get by and to ultimately get to your end destination. So in my current position I mutter some portonol (Portugese + Spanish) words pronounced in my exemplary gringo accent to the on-board ticket money collector. I intensely watch his body language and eyes to try and absorb whatever body language I can to see if he understood my request which was “can you let me know when we arrive at Via Duto?”. photo (1)

Maybe he understood, but maybe not. The suspense is high but I got my  earphones plugged in and Mr Brightside from the Killers is helping me enjoy the roller coaster journey which like this bus ride has come to be my life since I left PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2012.

I ask the ticket guy for an update on my journey he’s words and body language seem to say:

“You are still far young friend, but your are headed in the right direction…”

…hopefully this to applies both to my bus and life journey.